A highly self motivated entrepreneur that enjoys work with a worthy purpose. Continually creating and advancing short and long term goals that fulfill personal interests and business success, all in combination with the best interests of the environment and planet as a whole.  A primary vehicle for success is helping others succeed in their visions, which in turn supports my vision.

From the advent of the EarthCorp concept, June 14, 2001, I have fervently sought out unique, alternative answers to global environmental issues, including: ocean waste cleanup, restoration of indigenous crops and soil cultures, restoration of general environmental landscapes using Eco-forestry and related methods, power generation from solar, wind, waste to energy, and industrial waste clean up. The clear interrelationships among these issues often yield simpler resolutions that have been overlooked, thus forming some of the key models that EarthCorp will accomplish.

With a strong passion for health, fitness, and longevity, I have worked in various aspects of the health industry for over 20 years. Genesis Laboratories was founded in 2013 with the goal of supporting EarthCorp by researching, developing, and manufacturing advanced nutraceuticals targeting the anti-aging and longevity marketplace, using raw materials produced through EarthCorp.

Innocent Chocolate is a further advancement of the EarthCorp system  in which we are proving out the model of how for-profit corporations can work hand in hand with non-profits to reduce their cost of goods and enhance their net profits, all the while preserving the environment.

The hybrid of for-profit with non-profit created will generate large amounts of revenue for global environmental restoration and preservation and create substantial economies for developing regions in a modular fashion that is easily replicated at very low cost.

At Innocent Chocolate we are getting noticed and using our brand  facility to be ready for  big growth in 2017-2018. Come see how chocolate really can save the world!

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