Hello all you healthy chocolate lovers!   We have been working very hard, day and night for over one year to build the new home of Innocent Chocolate. We are very proud to say we have completed the factory and commissioned the new equipment.  Though we are a few months behind our targeted completion date we have not wavered the slightest in our efforts to bring you Earth’s Healthiest Chocolate in many new forms, flavors, and with increased health benefits. We are 100% committed, 100% of the time.

Our factory was created as a product design and development center as well as a full scale manufacturing facility. Our equipment is all new, and along with the factory itself, is fully allergen free,  non-GMO, and sugar free. None of these compounds will ever enter the facility or touch the equipment.   Here we will also design and formulate new products on a regular basis. We are thrilled to be releasing our full new product line with six products, new packaging, and new formulas. We have more than ten exciting, fun, and delicious new products on the development board.

We love what we do!  We get to think of new and unique ways to bring you products you will truly enjoy and gain substantial health benefits from eating. Moreover, Innocent was envisioned and created to support the EarthCorp Foundation for environmental preservation and restoration. 100% of our profits are shared with EarthCorp to help elevate small food producers (aka small farmers) economically, develop advanced, field-applicable agricultural methods for production of organic crops, and develop unique and practical ways to preserve and restore our environment.  We are showing how chocolate really can save the world!

We are very excited about what we do, and we are honored and proud to have all of you as our clients, and we thank you for your support and feedback.  You really can feel as good about eating our chocolate as we do about making it.

In good health,


TY Cherry

Founder and Director

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