Earth's Healthiest Chocolate!


Powerfully effective Chocolate Shots

Your dark chocolate fix in a delicious, convenient liquid format that’s always ready when you need it.

        • Convenient single serving sachets to carry anywhere
        • No breaking or melting
        • Exact dosage of powerful plant bioactives
        • Multiple proprietary formulations: metabolic stimulants, prebiotics, probiotics, immune boosters, fat binders, sugar and carb blockers, and many more! 
        • Food based nanotechnology gives results you really feel


Healthy and Functional Chocolate Spreads

Say goodbye to sugar and junk filled jars of pretend chocolate, that wreck your health, and say hello to True Functional Foods that improve it without sacrificing pleasure. Each unique flavor is packed with powerful health boosting ingredients. 100% delicious and guilt free. Kids crave them, Moms approve them!

Our carefully formulated dark and white chocolate spreads are always:

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Customers reviews

A Mega good shot that really did the job! All I tasted was delicious chocolate, and none of the stuff in there. I didn't expect it to have any effect, but it really did! Great product!
Simon D.
Pro Driver
This hazelnut spread is amazing! Its so good I kept going back for more and had to give it to my husband to hold it or I would have ate it all. Then he ate it!
Janice S.
Art framing
These Happy shots really work, they made me feel great. I had one in the morning and felt it about 10 minutes after. I also had more energy for a while.
Kris C.
Relocation Mngr.

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